This is a valuable aspect of any property investment, reducing the investor’s assessable income. We can assist in identifying and maximising these allowances and deductions, significantly enhancing the after tax return from a property investment.

Our knowledge in this area is supported by many years of experience and vigilant research of current legislative changes and interpretive decisions by the Australian Tax Office.

Combining this with our vast knowledge of the property and construction market ensures we can maximise tax deductions for our clients on all investment properties built post-1984. However, if you have undertaken additions or renovations to a property after 1984, a deduction report can still be obtained.

Our Capital Allowances and Tax Depreciation Reports will last for the entire ownership of an investment property. Our reports are thorough and comprehensive in encompassing the following:

  • A detailed site inspection of the property by a Quantity Surveyor
  • Identification and maximisation of Division 40 Plant Allowances
  • Preparation of a construction cost estimate for the purposes of determining Division 43 Capital Allowances
  • Inclusion of latest legislation and ATO interpretive decisions