Our Technical Due Diligence Reports provide you with a detailed report identifying your property’s condition and any elemental defects as well as summarising any expenditure or maintenance works likely to be required in the current day, or over the future life of the asset.

It’s imperative to understand all potential risks and liabilities that come with any property acquisition. Our Techncial Due Diligence reports will show clarity of the asset and identify any possible risks or likely costs prior to committing to a property transaction.

Our services in this area include:

  • Clarifying the Client’s brief and required service
  • Advice on what building components should be inspected
  • Documentation review, including all technical and legal documents
  • A detailed property inspection
  • Coordinating sub-consultants
  • Liaising with other members of the acquisition team such as lawyers, agents and investment advisers
  • Preparation of the report in accordance with the RICS Best Practice Guidance notes
  • Client after service, including any additional questions or concerns or re-inspections to identify any major concerns as required
  • Attending client meetings and post-report advice