The depressed construction market in Australia has resulted in substantially lower building costs (LINK TO REPORT?).

This has required building owners to look more closely at their insurance cover and adopt a more frequent review and adjustment in their insured building value. Especially in most cases, most building owners have under-insured their property without realising until a fire or similar disaster occurs.

It is extremely important that an existing building, of any age, be adequately insured to prevent the owner from loss and greater expense.

In this instance, with our extensive expertise and depth of cost management services will be able to assist property owners to minimise the risk of under insuring by estimating the cost of your building asset for insurance purposes.

Our report will include a detailed elemental measurement encompassing several elements:

  • Present building costs
  • Allowance for cost escalation during the lead time of planning, calling tenders, construction and fitout
  • Professional fees; and
  • Removal of debris