We strive to assist our clients achieve a cost effective and operationally effective outcome on their project by providing a comprehensive Cost Management service which includes:

  • Feasibility studies with capital cost advice
  • Cost planning and advice during all stages of design and documentation
  • Cost reviews of engineering services
  • Value management facilitation
  • Tender documentation and evaluation
  • Project audit and verification service
  • Cashflow forecasting
  • Bank role including loan drawdown certification and cost to complete advice
  • Construction phase cost management and financial close
  • Progress claim review and recommendations
  • Review and negotiation of variations
  • Financial reporting
  • Tax depreciation services
  • Replacement and insurance valuation
  • Sinking fund analysis

We play the role of a cost advocate throughout our cost management process.

Our cost management process begins with a computer-based cost model using the briefed information and concept design to enable realistic cost parameters to be set. This allows us to fully evaluate the economics of the project and confirm that our client’s budget is realistic.

Any cost risks are then identified, followed by establishing a strategy for either minimising its effect or removing it entirely.

During the design stage, we use a cost control system to establish key cost check points in parallel with key design stage milestones. At each of these milestones, we completely review and cost check all building elements. The advantage of this system is that we are able to identify and report cost over-runs as they occur and take immediate and effective action to maintain the budget and avoid any unwanted surprises.

Throughout the construction phase, tracking changes to costs and advising on the appropriate action to remain on budget is key to cost control. We evaluate the cost station on a regular basis and communicate in comprehensive and succinct financial reports, indicating the cost status of the project all together with all cost movements and a forecast of the final cost.